Terms of delivery:
Goods are supplied ex works, and freight costs will thus be added to the invoice.

DAN DRYER A/S will arrange dispatch of goods with DPD or a similar parcel service, unless the quantity / volume of goods ordered calls for a pallet consigment, in which case an appropriate forwarding agent will be assigned to handle transportation.

Guarantee / right to invoke lack of conformity:
A 2-year right to invoke lack of conformity is minimum for products bought from DAN DRYER A/S. This right to invoke lack of conformity does not comprise faults, damage or wear - directly or indirectly emerging as a consequence of incorrect use, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized handling. DAN DRYER A/S does not cover cosmetic damage.

On certain items we grant as much as a 5-year guarantee - covering even cases of vandalism! Such extraordinary guarantees are evident from the item description of each article number.

The right to invoke lack of conformity / the guarantee granted will comprise the forwarding of spare parts and in extreme cases a complete replacement product. DAN DRYER A/S does not cover labour costs, if any, related to the exchange of spare parts or mounting of replacement product.

Complaints relating to malfunction or defects must be addressed to DAN DRYER A/S as soon as observed.

Notification of transportation damage must take place immediately - preferably to the carrier or conveyor in connection with delivery of the parcel in question.

Return of goods:
In the event that a buyer wholly or partially regrets an order already delivered, such buyer may make an agreement with DAN DRYER A/S to return completely new and unused products for crediting less a 15% return charge. The buyer is requested to enclosed a copy of the invoice relating to the item(s) purchased, thus documenting that goods returned have in fact been purchased from DAN DRYER A/S

Goods returned must be in original and undamaged packaging.

Costs related to the return of goods must be defrayed by the buyer, and goods must be returned to the following address:

Tåsingevej 2
DK-8940 Randers SV
Tel: +45 86 41 57 11

Mark the parcel with the wording "Cancellation" and enclosed copy of invoice proving that the goods returned have in fact been purchased from DAN DRYER A/S. DAN DRYER A/S will credit the relevant amount minus the 15% return charge to the person referenced on the invoice - or via bank transfer, if informed of the relevant bank registration code and account number.

DAN DRYER A/S recommends that goods are returned via a courier / parcel service offering a track and trace system, so that the parcel may at all times be traced, and so that delivery at DAN DRYER premises may be proven.

Delivery of goods returned carriage forward / without postage will not be accepted by DAN DRYER A/S.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail. We will then do our utmost to help.

Misprints etc.:
DAN DRYER A/S is not liable for any misprints, wrong photos, product range alterations, items discontinued by supplier or the like.