Commercial waste and sanitary bathroom bins

Commercial waste bins


DAN DRYER offers a large selection of waste and sanitary bins. The bins are available in different price ranges, sizes and in various designs which matches our other products for furnishing of public toilets.

Bathroom waste bins


With a wide range of styles, sizes and colours, our commercial toilet waste bins are suitable for any professional bathroom. Commercial waste bin sizes vary between 7-50L with many styles available to find your perfect bathroom waste bin. 

Combine DAN DRYER waste and sanitary bins with matching baby changing stationshand dryerssoap & disinfectant dispensers and toilet paper dispensers for a uniform and harmonious decor.

Commercial bathroom bin, baby changing

Our commercial waste bins and sanitary bins are ideal for industrial and commercial bathrooms. DAN DRYER has more than 30 years of expertise which is why we ensure to offer the highest quality industrial waste bins for any solution.

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