Stainless Design Exclusive is designed for connoisseurs. The series is based on our renowned collection in brushed stainless steel and addresses the discerning customer who wants to bring a new and aesthetic dimension to the toilet interior -  by creating a room combining the functional and fundamental hygiene aspect with an added value signal.

The Stainless Design Exclusive product group is offered in a large palette of standard colours and custom-specific shades. The sophisticated look is achieved using a special process technology, which creates the metallic surface in a variety of gloss levels and structures. The technology also ensures a strong and scratch resistant surface.

Soil colours like copper, bronze and brass are trendy and contemporary. Other popular choices are warm golden shades; but also a dark blue is delicate and brings a sophisticated depth to toilet facilities by adding a contrast to a room that is often neutral with white tiles on the walls and floors.

The colours of the exclusive collection are exclusively produced in an order-based manner. Please contact us at with your specific inquiry.


Be inspired and discover your favourite colour:

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