War, climate crisis, food crisis, corona pandemic. The world is burning, and the poorest countries suffer the greatest consequences of disasters.

It is the children who pay the highest price. Hunger, lack of education, young girls being married off, and children fleeing their safe homes. We must help to ensure they get a better life and a brighter future.

We will do this when Randers is hosting this year's Danmarks Indsamling on 4 February.

We must come together to ensure that Denmark's 12 largest humanitarian organizations can help the most vulnerable families by providing access to healthy food, clean drinking water, medical care, education, care, and protection.

Therefore, DAN DRYER donates DKK 20.000 to the world's children via Randers-Puljen.

Thank you to all our local colleagues who are supporting Randers-Puljen:
Randers Arkitekten, Danish Care Supply, DermaPharm A/S, Scanditek IT solutions ApS, VAM A/S, Projector A/S, National Revision Approved Auditors a/s, Ideen fra Feen, Memphis Mansion, Greentel, Randers FC and many others for supporting the good cause.

Let's create hope for children around the world and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.